Sylvester Stallone in Unequal Match (Victory)
| photo: Thu.

It is based on a real event, in 1942 in occupied Ukraine, players from Kiev football clubs were opposed to the choice of the German Air Force and defeated him 5: 1 despite the knowledge that the penalty for winning may be the highest.

Directed by John Houston, the film moved the match to Paris in 1943, and the fighters who compete against the Germans are chosen by Michael Caine as a coach in a prison camp for Allied soldiers and in Eastern European concentration camps.

Stallon’s character then has to agree with the French resistance fighters to help the impoverished footballers escape during the sword. But the struggle of death, as the historical match is nicknamed, is becoming more important to the team than the vision of its own freedom.

It is said that Caine accepted the role only to be able to work with Pele, who is far from the only one of the real footballers who starred in the film.

Stallone, in the role of goalkeeper, had to give up his dream that his hero would score the winning goal; by the way, the invincible Rocky or Rambo broke his finger while filming the action against Pele.