Former President Donald Trump opout Trump Tower. (June 18, 2021)
| photo: AP

With reference to two sources, the letter informed about it The New York Times (RIVET). The grand jury will gather at the US National Archives from January this year, according to which Trump took 15 boxes of materials, including government documents, souvenirs and gifts from foreign leaders, and a letter to his Florida Mar-a-Lago resort at the end of his term. Among them, the items were marked as secret.

According to an anonymous NYT source, the subject of the document was the way the documents got from Washington to Florida, who wrapped them, or how they were in the Trump department store. It finds out who took care of the removal of classified materials from the Blho House.

When dealing with classified documents, the accused is only raised, the NYT notes. The Department of Justice usually runs them to see if any sensitive information may have been disclosed, and so that intelligence services may be able to take measures to protect the source and procedure.

In 2016, the then presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, also eluded a similar group because of her electronic correspondence, and the pre-election affair eventually ran without her withdrawal.

Trump despises the court. He has to pay a quarter of a million a day for document slots

The settlement, which deals with classified materials, is one of the first problems that Trump 15 months after leaving the position of el. The prosecutor’s office in Atlant examines the ex-president whether he tried to influence the results of the presidential presidential elections in the state of Georgia. Dalmu, this time on suspicion of tax and gave financial fraud in his company, the former president in the state of New York.