One of the key matches of the season awaits Slavia after the unsuccessful entry into the league and the previous promotion over the Gibraltarian outsider St Joseph’s. He cannot afford to hesitate in Europe.

“We need to enter the match well. We want to control the game and must not lose balls unnecessarily, the opponent can take advantage of that,” said Trpišovský.

What kind of opponent will Panathinaikos be?
I would compare them to Feyenoord in terms of strength and quality. They have a complex team, they are selfless and team-oriented in the defensive phase, and they also handle defensive situations well. At the end of the season, they scored only five goals in fourteen matches, faced a minimum of standard situations. They have a characteristic system in defense and setting up the game, they are difficult to attack. We are facing a tough caliber and we have to be at our best.

Did you use any information from Tomáš Vaclík, who knows the opponent from the Greek league?
Štěpán Kolář, the coach of our goalkeepers, mainly communicated with him. And from what Tomas said, it was confirmed to us that Panathinaikos was a completely different team in the fall and spring. They gradually improved both in terms of results and playing style, they won a lot of difficult matches.

Slavia on O2 TV

Match 3, preliminaries of the Conference League will be brought by the station O2 TV Sport and O2 TV Football. The live broadcast will start from 18.40, the moderator David Sobišek will have David Kalivoda in the studio. Commentators will be Tomáš Radotínský and Václav Pilný.

For Panathinaikos, it will be the first competitive game of the season. Does it complicate your preparation?
We are based on the matches they played at the end of last season. We watched the preparatory matches, we even attended one in person. Over the summer, they were also added appropriately and we know some of the new players, for example striker Šporar, from previous positions.

Who do you think is the favorite?
Two balanced teams will play against each other and the game in the penalty area will be decided, efficiency. It will mainly depend on the current mood of both teams. It will be two close matches.

Jindřich Trpišovský at the press conference before the match with Panathinaikos Athens.

Are you planning changes to the lineup? After Hradec, you blamed the team for the lack of emphasis in the offensive.
According to the data, we had above-standard numbers. We got about 70 balls into the penalty area, but even that does not guarantee success. We have to convert chances. Before Panathinaikos, due to the health condition of Yira Sora, we are mainly dealing with the position of the point player.

Will he be ready?
It is a longer-term problem for him. We need a player to come in who can handle the tasks regarding the typology of the opponent, can keep the balls, threaten the goal, orient himself in the box and possibly help with the press.

What about other players?
We still have health problems from the Hradec match, one player left training due to an injury, but it should not be serious. Otherwise, the team is 100% ready.