The Awards Presenter Grammys 2023, Trevor Noahmade a “little” joke about the son of the King Charles III and Lady Diwhich for many of the public present could have been in bad taste or at least uncomfortable, they did not know whether to applaud or remain silent.

When Trevor was introduced to james cordenhe thought it was the ideal time to make a little joke about the prince’s memories.

The famous presenter of the Grammys 2023 said: “James Corden has won 12 Emmys and is the host of the Late Show, but he is also living proof that a man can move from London to Los Angeles and not tell anyone about his frozen noble parts.” .”

What did Trevor mean by what he said? Well, he was referring to a part of the autobiographical book of the prince harry ‘Spare’, where the Duke of Sussex mentions in a crude way, that some parts of his body such as his hands, nose, ears and private parts froze after his trip to the North Pole in 2011.

Harry also recounted the uncomfortable and painful moments he experienced after leaving the North Pole, he says he had to resort to unusual methods to solve the problem with his crotch.