The traveling exhibition “Heroes of Z” has started its work at the Botlikh Museum of Local History, the press service of the Historical Park “Russia – My History” reports.

The opening was attended by the head of the district Ruslan Gamzatovhead of the historical park Timur Velikhanovdeputy heads of administration Ahmed Labazanov and Abduldibir Abduldibirovheads of law enforcement agencies, deputy commander of military unit 25908, combat veterans and participants in a special operation in Ukraine, as well as schoolchildren.

Ruslan Gamzatova noted that the President of Russia made an important and correct decision in the interests of protecting the people, in order to avoid a threat to the very existence of the state, its sovereignty. And the names of the heroes who defend their homeland and its interests should be remembered by everyone and always

The starting point of the opened exhibition is the exposition dedicated to the Hero of Russia Nurmagomed Gadzhimagomedov.

According to Timur Velikhanov, it is planned to launch an exposition in other municipalities of Dagestan. The plans of the Historical Park cover as many areas as possible.