They will not remove “traumatic” lighting masts in the new parking lot near the Nizhny Tagil railway station. But they promised to protect the pillars so that the transport would no longer demolish them. Igor Vasiliev, director of MUP Tagildorstroy (TDS), which is renovating the Station Square, told Vse Novosti news agency about this.

“We are builders: the project came – they worked on it. Now, of course, the representative of the designer, the chief engineer of the project from Yekaterinburg, has arrived to assess the situation. I think they will find a solution, correct the project, and we will protect these pillars. And in place of the demolished mast we will put a new one, we have already ordered it, ”said Vasiliev.

The incident in question took place on Thursday 28 July. A commercial bus began to pull away from a stop in a new parking lot near the railway station and tore down a lamppost. As a result injured one of the passengers is a seven-year-old boy.

Railway station reconstruction project developed company “UralDorNITS” from Yekaterinburg. The mayor’s office spent 12.5 million rubles on it. The reconstruction contract was won by Tagildorstroy. He repairs the station square for 276 million rubles and installs the City of Labor Valor stele for 60 million rubles. The upgrade of the transport hub began in February 2022. The contractor, in addition to replacing the asphalt on the roadway, puts new curbs, repairs sidewalks, and also installs outdoor lighting. The central place on the square was occupied by a memorial monument. The square is expected to open in mid-August, in time for the celebration of the city’s 300th anniversary.

The problem with the illogical arrangement of lighting poles is not new to Nizhny Tagil. For example, during the reconstruction of the bridge on Tsiolkovsky Street, workers built a wide concrete pedestal, on which they mounted a lamppost in the middle of the sidewalk. The representative of the contractor Uralstroymontazh, Vladimir Ostanin, told the Vse Novosti news agency that the incident was due to overlapping projects.

“We got the overlap of two projects. Initially, they worked on one, and then switched to another. Because of this, we have several masts turned out to be too high. The support was placed on a large monolithic foundation in winter, it was still an old project. But in general, we plan to meet with the developers of the project and with the customer to decide what to do with these masts,” he said.

In addition, the designers of the construction of the bridge across the Tagil Pond placed lighting poles right on the sidewalk from the side of the Chernoistochinsky Highway. The inability to install them on the lawn between the sidewalk and the bike path was explained by the proximity of various utility networks.

Many Tagil residents were dissatisfied with such engineering solutions. They blame designers and customers for a low level of competence.

“It [снос опоры на привокзальной площади] was quite expected by everyone who has a brain and imagination. The designers seem to have neither one nor the other. They did not guess to lay curbs or a fence around the lighting pole! Mr. Morov [Борис, директор Службы заказчика горхозяйства], this is your miscalculation. You order such projects and such works,” they write in the VK group “Tagil without holes”.

“Who even managed to put a pole in the middle of a square without fences? Apparently, the norms of common sense in Tagil were canceled a long time ago, ”the Tagil resident comments.

“This support will become a memorial to engineering and common sense!”, the city dweller ironically, referring to the mast on the overpass on Tsiolkovsky Street.

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    Broken mast. Photo: traffic police

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    Broken mast. Photo: traffic police

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    Support on the overpass on Tsiolkovsky street. Photo: IA “All news”

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    The mast on the sidewalk near the bridge across the Tagil Pond. Photo: “Tagil without holes”

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