Three passenger trains were delayed on the Don due to an accident that occurred yesterday afternoon, June 20, in the Krasnodar Territory at the Starominskaya-Timashevskaya-Orlovka-Kubanskaya section, where nine wagons with coal derailed.

According to the press service of the Southern Transport Prosecutor’s Office, the implementation of the legislation on traffic safety and operation of railway transport is being checked. Based on its results, prosecutorial response measures will be taken.

According to Russian Railways, more than 120 employees of the railway are involved in the aftermath of the accident. Two recovery trains from the Bataysk and Timashevskaya stations, as well as specialized equipment, are working at the scene. During the incident, 250 meters of track and 3 poles of the contact network were damaged. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

In this case, the movement on the stage does not stop. Trains follow the adjacent track. In connection with the incident, trains No. 92 “Sevastopol – Moscow”, No. 224 “Anapa – Saratov” and No. 6174/6173/6273 “Rostov-Glavny – Starominskaya-Timashevskaya” were detained. Changes are being made to the schedule of other passenger trains.

Earlier we said that a mobile apiary burned down in the Rostov region.

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