The members will make a relatively substantial construction effort. Due to the historically unstable ground, dredge the whole railway.

The first railways decided to exchange the entire body of the NSP in the most affected section by 147 meters. Thanks to the realization, the trains will be able to use the line speed of 140 km / h again, the proposed construction and technical Railways Nela Friebov.

In the past, extensive repairs to the railway corridor in Hradec nad Svitavou have taken place several times. The last time was in 2016, when a column of traction tilted due to a running slope and the tracks were undulating.

At that time, the trains had to move step by step, not by the emergency state at the foot of the pillar secured by at least a temporary rampart and concrete work.

In fact, the Railway Authority will build a completely new line in the incriminated section. The rehabilitation will also cross the railway bridge over a dirt road, one culvert, the protection of security cables and the right and traction line will be ensured.

The full work will be a complete replacement for the existing ones. To guarantee long-term stability is designed to reinforce the soil with the help of geom, they will be anchored to the trunk. Nsep will be provided with a protective layer, which will be covered with separate geotextiles and biodegradable corner with topsoil. At the same time, there will be drainage in the area, Friebov added to the investment, reaching 86 million crowns.

The biggest impact of the construction on the operation of the train will be tmsn tmsn do not cover the train, which will start on June 1 and last until August 26.

Due to the ongoing modernization of the line from Brno to Blansko, not a single train will run between the Moravian metropolis and Svitavy. Due to the concurrence with other waves on the Brno esk Tebov line, a substitute bus service will be introduced in the given term. Trains will not run even between Bezová and Blansko, Friebov confirmed.

Discussions have been going on between the city for many years about instability. The first landslides were recorded in the 1980s.

it was said that there were liquid sands at the bottom, or that the Italians had built the path. It was similar on the other side, but there was not as much material there as here, said one of the inhabitants of Hradec nad Svitavou at the last landslide six years ago.

Work on the secure slope has begun these days and will last until June. The contractor is an association of companies M Silnice, SART construction and reconstruction and REMEX CZ.