Although the problems are known, the police are looking forward to them and the city’s traffic is safe, the number of traffic accidents is growing. In ten years, by 49 percent. While in 2012 there were 3,023 accidents on the ground, in 2021 it was 4,513.

Our data confirm that the roads in the cities, including the park, are dangerous due to the high concentration of traffic, confirmed Jan Marek, speaking Generali esk pojiovnywho manages accident statistics.

In just the first three months of this year, more than a thousand accidents occurred in the region, which were claimed by at least three victims. He gave you the dead and the wounded people then joined the statistics in April.

Those of the fatal injuries that happened this year from January to normal are credited with fast driving, one in the opposite direction. 16 collisions resulted in injuries to some of the participants in the operation. Which again confirms that the human factor plays the biggest role in accidents. The technical fault on the vehicle this year did not cause any injuries, for the whole year one of the hunters suffered an injury.

All accidents are recorded by the Traffic Research Center, which comes from the police.

Aggressive driving is necessary, my expert

Breeding in the Zlín region is negative in several different statistics. For example, the survey of the Czech Association shows that the best in the Czech Republic are in terms of two advantages in driving. This duty is violated by the darkest idi. In addition, do not respect speed limits and fail nerves to bridle when they have to go slow by car. That’s 42 percent going, the reaction is to aggressively overtake and push the accelerator.

Aggressive driving is full of rest and very dangerous. How much does a hunter ride in the Zlín region find? Two minutes. Because of this, he risks the health of St. or someone else, the regional coordinator responded Besipu Zdenk Patk.

Last year, Besip and the traffic police approached the public with a preventive campaign, which will continue this year. The hunter should look down and realize what he is risking. As a rule, someone innocent, a pedestrian or co-driver, will take such a ride, and he will have to go with it for the rest of his life, Patk added.

Dream and sweat dream of sweating accidents. Ldrem is Otrokovicewho want to provide zero statistics on fatalities in their cadastre. Therefore, gradually build a beacon with limited maximum speed, adjust and illuminate pedestrian walkways or add cities where they can safely walk. Based on the idea that he is going to make a mistake, but the path should prevent him from having fatal consequences.

The number of accidents is affected by the growing number of cars

Experts promise a modest consequence and the number of accidents from changes in car schools. Their readers also have at their disposal simulations of real situations that occur in traffic. Not all of them can take part in practical rides with an instructor. Clem is welcoming their ability to eit problems.

Ideas up to five years of experience are dangerous for several reasons and actually break down. Animations and videos can help them, from what I’ve seen, you’re riding in a fog or some conflict situation, that’s definitely beneficial, my Patk.

The number of accidents is, of course, influenced by the intensity of heavy traffic, which has been increasing for a long time and there are so many registered vehicles in the country that there is one for every adult. This is how Generali esk pojiovna records it.

The accident rate is growing in the dark in all regions. Dr. Prague (17,492) repeatedly takes the first place in the absolute number of accidents. The species is Stedoesk county (14,945), tet steck county (11,225). Zlnsk region figures in the glue halves of the table. To the Karlovy Vary region, which is the safest in terms of accidents, but loses a lot. Only 2,400 krrt was demolished here last year.