After two years of limited Christmas celebrations this year, tourists are looking forward to celebrating the Christmas holidays in a fun way.

Vienna Christmas Market is one of the best in Europe / photo REUTERS

Basel, Vienna and Prague are in the top 10 European cities to visit in christmas period in November-December 2022.

As writes SchengenVisaInfoafter two years of limited Christmas celebrations due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s tourists are looking forward to having fun celebrating the Christmas holidays.

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Top 10 cities in Europe with the best Christmas markets in 2022

one. Basel, Switzerland. The city has a long tradition of celebrating Christmas, having long since won the title of owner of one of the most beautiful and largest Christmas towns in Europe. The Basel Christmas Market has been especially popular with British and Italian travelers, making it one of the most popular of the last decade.

2. Budapest, Hungary. The Hungarian capital is recognized as one of the most popular destinations for 2022, which has something to offer tourists, regardless of their age. About 120 artisans, culinary specialists and Christmas carolers will gather in front of St. Stephen’s Basilica, located in one of the country’s most popular squares.

3. Metz, France. It is believed that this city is home to the most beautiful Christmas market in France, which offers a unique experience with many events throughout the city. Here, tourists will be offered to buy handmade gifts, taste the best gingerbread and local farm products, drink hot chocolate or go ice skating.

Brussels traditionally surprises with light shows / photo REUTERS

four. Brussels, Belgium. Although there are many other cities in Belgium to celebrate Christmas, the capital has been among the most visited places in Europe for many years. Here, tourists are waiting for magnificent sound and light performances in the Grand Palace, a beautiful Christmas tree, skating rinks and a varied Christmas market.

5. Vienna, Austria. In mid-November, the city turns into a magical Christmas market and looks like a sparkling fairyland. Children can ride the carousel and adults can enjoy warm drinks. In addition, tourists are advised to visit the Schönbrunn Palace, which is the most popular Christmas market in the city.

6. Govone and Asti, Italy. This destination aims to become the largest Christmas market in Europe with over 130 jobs for artisans and food and wine producers from across the country. Concerts, performances, light shows and installations await guests at several locations at once.

7. Prague, Czech Republic.This year, the celebration of Christmas in Prague will begin on November 26 and end on January 6, 2023, which is somewhat longer than is customary in “old Europe”. The festive Christmas tree in Prague is decorated with traditional Czech blown glass balls. In terms of food, in Prague visitors can enjoy mulled wine, hot roasted chestnuts, gingerbread or typical Czech food – Christmas cookies or Czech fried sausages.

One of the best Christmas markets in Prague / photo

eight. Craiova, Romania. With over a million LED lights, Craiova has become the best place for Christmas lights in Romania and one of the best Christmas markets in Europe. This year, the Craiova Christmas Market opened on November 11 and will run until January 8, 2023. Christmas will be celebrated with various events such as fairs, concerts, skating rinks, workshops and food stalls in various city squares.

9. Leipzig, Germany. The Leipzig Christmas Market is one of the oldest in Europe and has over 250 twinkling stalls in its historic center, making it also one of the largest Christmas markets in Germany. The main square of the Christmas market in Leipzig is the Market Square, where visitors can admire the twenty-meter-high Christmas tree and enjoy various performances. A 38-meter Ferris wheel awaits tourists on Augustusplatz.

ten. Zagreb, Croatia. The Croatian capital is the perfect place for a happy and adventurous Christmas in 2022. The city has been recognized as the best Christmas market in Europe for three years in a row, and that is why you should not miss the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in this city at least once. Local delicacies, mulled wine and one of the largest advent programs make the city very attractive for tourists.

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