Tom Zstra (42) was one of the most popular TV reality shows since Survivor, thanks to his fans he became an influencer and now on the erotic platform OnlyFans. He shot the first video and this is how it turned out.

you are not restoring me Tom he himself was a problem, he proved during the holiday season in the reality show Survivor, when in the legendary orange tracksuits he ran, jumped and won individual matches like a dog. He caused a lot of controversy with his decision, but he was indelibly etched in the memory and hearts of men as well. After resigning from the court, he auctioned off the memorable lower ass with the help of Leo Maree for a million crowns and donated the pension to the needy.

Now he has advanced to the next level.

The unmarried moderator of Europe 2 is proud of the light, so he decided to have a little beer with his help. You took et on the well-known platform OnlyFans, where the overwhelming majority of the content has an erotic connotation.

I get asked a lot that the two of us were intimate on Instagram and that the last time you saw me was in sweatpants in Survivor. But it will be different, now I am on OnlyFans! he boasted proudly to his supporters.

I’m here to enjoy free speech. I know that no one will be disappointed with the content,explained Zstra, determined.

Tom wants to enjoy life, and the fact that he is in his twenties and is a serial moderator doesn’t even bother him.