You went to a film festival in Karlovy Vary. You are lying KVIFF for active rest?
Anna: The program is difficult, but it’s nice for us, because we have two small children and we’re actually with them, or at least we don’t miss it. This time, grandma and grandpa decided to take a look at the festival and enjoy it to the fullest, so it’s definitely a rest for us.

How many movies were you able to watch?
Tom: This year it was bda! But two movies in two days, I think it’s pretty good after all.

How did the particular film interest you?
Tom: We saw the French film Rodinka Blierovch, which was asn. We are glad that we chose a quality film and it was worth it. But of course it’s a time when you’re invited to a lot of concerts and you have a lot of friends at the festival. At ten o’clock in the morning, we don’t see much of those movies.

D se ct, what did you miss the most in America?
Tom: Humor, esk incorrectness, family and friends.

It works there cancel culture true as they say?
Tom: It works, damn it. Of course, probably not as much as it is probrno or prodno in many people, but alas, there is such a culture there and it is a bit of a code. When you come out of school, you’re used to everything going wrong, and humor helps you brighten up those moments. It’s a vc that took me a while to get used to.

Leave the eska always with this heart?
Anna: Not exactly. I think we both quite like to travel. I am lucky that thanks to Tom’s permission we have the opportunity to get to know the whole world like this. I think that for us, home is where our family is.

I don’t start sports. Even in those leagues, corruption disappointed me, to Miroslav Han

Will you be taking a vacation this year?
Tom: Boils were one of our holidays. From the beginning of August, I will be preparing with the national team in Czech Republic for the European Championship. In Panglao it was a vacation with my family, and we were going to live in Barcelona for the next few years. I tried not to do so much sports and play basketball in the red, because of course it will help me mentally during the season.

Is it difficult to keep your feet on the ground when you are a role model and icon for many aspiring basketball players?
Tom: It’s not a problem for me. On the contrary, I am very happy to motivate his children in sports, in basketball. It goes without saying that it is a responsibility, but this is what I have always asked for, so that I can motivate someone and get them moving. I will remember it as much as possible.

Do you take your children to sports?
Tom: We don’t have to. (smile)
Anna: N, they somehow manage themselves. ly after me right from birth. Yes, we definitely want to motivate them in some way, but I think we will not force them to do so.