Tom Parker Bowles son of the current queen consort Camilla Parkerwould have actually revealed what the queen’s intention was when she married King Carlos III.

The son of the next queen of the United Kingdom He has been involved in several controversies lately, since it has been declared that he would be interested in his mother’s coronation, but for simply ambitious attitudes on the whole subject.

In addition to this, it has caused criticism against the prince harry since he considers him a “controversial and liar” person when he attacked his mother in his memoir “Spare» and I classify her as an evil stepmother, who was simply interested in something very bet on the true love she felt for him. king Charles IIIhis father.

However, very recently Tom Parker referred to his mother and the love he feels for her. Among his words, he pointed out that he would never call his mother “Queen”, since she will always be his mother and for him there is no better title than that. But also, he revealed the true reality of the wedding between his mother and her stepfather.

The writer and gastronomic critic affirmed that his mother «he married the person he loved“, meaning that she never had any interest in damaging the relationship he had with the Princess Dianaimplying according to his statement that there was never an interest beyond love as has been stated on many occasions.

He also expressed that he hopes to see his mother crowned, and that the relationship with Prince Harry at the coronation has nothing to do with him, he will simply enjoy seeing his mother be happy.