Lately, it has been seen zendaya attending large red carpet events wearing several beautiful dresses with which she has drawn the attention of some entertainment media, since she always attends alone.

As we already know, Tom Hollandthe current partner of the young actress, tries to do everything possible to keep their relationship private, and it is that the media have criticized this part of the actor to hide his obvious relationship with Zendaya. This may be one of the reasons why he hasn’t accompanied her girlfriend to the red carpets where stunning pictures have been taken of him in her gown.

But let this not confuse you, the actor has made very clear his strong support and love that Zendaya has through her social networks, in the most recent case, she commented on a photograph that the actress uploaded to her Instagram with three emojis of a face with hearts in her eyes, this comment did not take long get over the 50 thousand likes.

Tom Holland confessed in 2021 that one of the disadvantages of being famous is that your personal private life and relationship are often affected by the press, and your public disclosures, and also said that your privacy and intimacy are affected threatened all the while, that they really weren’t under his control anymore.