Tom Holland has shown his deep love forZendaya repeatedly Y It was this Monday, during the world premiere of ‘Spider-Man: NoWayHome’ that Tom Holland stopped an interview to watch his girlfriend walk the red carpet.

One of the couples of the year is undoubtedly the one made up of the protagonists of Spider-Man: Tom Holland and Zendaya who recently made their relationship official.

Very few times, the couple have been seen together on any given day, but now, thanks to the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home they have shared a very good dose of moments together as co-stars and as a couple. And his most recent appearance left us speechless thanks to a tender gesture from the actor.

Last night, during the series premiere in Los Angeles, Tom Holland made it clear that at the moment, Zendaya is his priority and he only has eyes for her. Entertainment Tonight recorded a red carpet moment that quickly went viral as it shows Holland stopping everything for his girlfriend. In the video, a reporter is interviewing Tom and suddenly, he stops talking because screams from fans are beginning to be heard, so he suspects that Zendaya is about to walk the red carpet.

With his mouth open he stares at the red carpet and says: “I think Zendaya just arrived”, then he walks away from the interview and checks if it is his girlfriend that the audience turns on and as soon as he confirms that it is about she ends her interview.