The popular British actor expressed his desire to win the prestigious gold statuette for his role in the latest installment of Spiderman, something very rare for his role as a Superhero.

In a recent interview, the actor Tom holland He confessed his great desire to win the long-awaited statuette:

“There have been talks about the future of Spider-Man. If it would be me, I’m not quite sure yet. Maybe he’s a producer or something, I don’t know. I do know that I love this character, and I would be sad to say goodbye. But I’ve basically accomplished everything that I wanted to accomplish as this character… I really think I’m going to win the Oscar for this movie. So it’s great.

It’s not a day for anyone that the Oscars don’t tend to pay attention to Superhero movies for bigger awards than tech nominations. There have been few exceptions throughout history, and this is the source of the lack of truly artistic scripts and plots within superhero films.

However, it is not so out of the question that Tom Holland and Spider-Man: No Way Home opt for the best awards, especially since it has received very high critical marks and is getting people to return to the movies en masse. Since to date it has raised more than 1,386 million dollars. An almost unthinkable figure since the pandemic began.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is still in theaters, while the rest of the Marvel Studios installments where Tom Holland appears can be seen on the streaming platform Disney Plus.