Tom Hardy’s Venom will face Tom Holland’s Spider-man in the UCM and this test confirms it

MCU fans are reporting that actor Tom Hardy’s Venom will take on Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the fourth installment of the spider-like superhero. The basis for his theory is part of hard evidence that has generated a lot of discussion on social media and among Marvel fans.

For a while now, Marvel fans have been very excited about the idea of Venom being one of the villains facing Spider-man. And although it was initially said that he was going to appear in the third installment of Tom Holland’s arachnid, the truth is that he did not make an appearance.

However, Venom fans claim they have evidence confirming the symbiote’s involvement in Holland’s fourth Spider-Man installment. Because?

Thanks to a key sequence from Crossing the Multiverse Part I, it seems to be confirmed that there will be an epic battle between Tom Hardy’s lethal symbiote and Tom Holland’s wall-crawler within the MCU, something that will undoubtedly leave more than one shocked.

The film’s post-credits scene showed how a fragment of Venom ended up staying on Earth-611 in the Marvel universe before Eddie Brock returned to his universe.

Therefore, it is not unreasonable to think that the sequence in which Hardy’s antihero appeared in No Way Home to face the next Spider-Man in the fourth installment of the saga starring Holland is discarded. In addition, the possibility of seeing them in one of the new installments of The Avengers is also open.

Against this backdrop, Marvel fans are very excited about what’s in store for Tom Holland’s Venom and Tom Holland’s Spider-man. In the meantime, they’ll have to be patient until the release date for the fourth installment of Spider-Man is announced.

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