Valery Chistyakov, p. Osino-Gai, Gavrilovsky district, Tambov region:

“In the memory of the inhabitants of the Tambov region lives the feat of the famous countrywoman Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya. She became the first woman to be awarded the high title of Hero of the Soviet Union. How can the current schoolchildren not know the feat of Zoe?! Every morning, on their way to class, they pass by a monument to a brave partisan. At the school, they are also met by a bust of the heroine. In the village of Osino-Gai, it has become a tradition to celebrate all the dates associated with the name of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya. On a memorable day since the execution of a patriot, and it was 81 years ago, young villagers, together with their parents, came to the Museum and Educational Center named after Zoya and Alexander Kosmodemyansky and the Hero of the Soviet Union Stepan Perekalsky. His employee Larisa Chubarova conducted a thematic tour “We remember, Zoya, your feat!”. After that, all the participants laid fresh flowers at the bust and monument of the heroine.”

Elizaveta Karakulova, teacher of additional education, Okhan Center for Educational and Museum Activities, Perm Territory:

“In the Belyaev School, cooperation between the school and the family has deep roots. Every year in the first month of the school year, teachers, children and their parents go on a camping trip to the banks of the Kama. Children go through an obstacle course, answer questions from various quizzes, kindle bonfires, cook their favorite dishes, which are evaluated by a strict jury.

For the Day of the elderly and Teacher’s Day, students are preparing holiday programs. Be sure to congratulate veteran teachers, draw postcards, make gifts. An indispensable participant in such holidays is a veteran of pedagogical work Galina Andreevna Kalugina. She gives her colleagues hand-made products.

In October, it is always interesting and imaginatively initiation into fifth graders and high school students takes place. This year, the students went by train to the stations. Songs, games, quizzes accompanied them along the way.

On Father’s Day, children perform songs about dads and grandfathers during breaks. Children write mini essays about their fathers. Long before Mother’s Day, members of the Cheerful Company association begin to prepare a concert for mothers and grandmothers. Children take the stage in a festive program at the local House of Culture.

It is a good tradition to meet with soldiers who have returned home after serving in the army. At the end of November, Matvey Okulov, a graduate of the school, came to a meeting with the guys from the local history association “Permyachok”.

Recently, as always, with invention and enthusiasm, the annual competition for the best feeder “Feed the Birds!” Was held. So there is no time for the guys to be bored.