The European Court of Justice for Excessive Levels and Systematic Violations of Sulfur Dioxide in the South-East Region – has drawn its condemnation, now and then recording poor air quality in Bulgaria.

According to, the European Court of Justice for excessive levels and systematic violations of sulfur dioxide in the South-Eastern region – has been condemned, now and then fix poor air quality in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria has been convicted by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg for excessive levels and systematic disturbances in recent years of sulfur dioxide in the southeast. This was announced at a briefing by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Ecology and Water Resources of Bulgaria Borislav Sandov.

He clarified that this is the first decision that is declarative in nature, but in this criminal process, the EC must determine whether the violation has been terminated. Otherwise, he will file a new lawsuit, which will entail financial sanctions for our country.

The European Court of Justice ruled that Bulgaria had failed to comply with its obligations under the EU air quality directive. The resolution states that our country did not guarantee that the hourly and daily limit values ​​of sulfur dioxide from 2007 to 2018 inclusive would not be systematically exceeded in the southeastern part. As of 11 June 2010, Bulgaria has not taken adequate measures to enforce the limits for sulfur dioxide in the area.

“Unfortunately, this decision is expected, since Bulgaria systematically ignores this issue. On the contrary, he is working against the rules of the EC,” Sandow said.

He added that the excessive content of sulfur dioxide leads to serious health problems in the population. Health cannot be replaced, the eco-minister said.

He also commented on the protest planned for today and later postponed at the Maritsa-3 thermal power plant in Dimitrovgrad, pointing out that it systematically violates sulfur dioxide standards. According to him, the levels of sulfur dioxide set by the measuring point in the city are systematically violated. Some values ​​have exceeded the alarm threshold, which means three times the norm.

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