On May 18, the world, like Bulgaria, celebrates International Museum Day.

According to bourgas.ru, on May 18, the world, like Bulgaria, celebrates the International Day of Museums.

On May 18, 1978, International Museum Day was celebrated for the first time. The decision was made in 1977 in Moscow at the XI General Conference of the International Council of Museums.

The word “museum” comes from the Latin word “museum”, which is of Greek origin and comes from “mouseion”. The Mouseion was a place (sometimes a temple) that was dedicated to the Muses, the patrons of the arts in Greek mythology.

In its modern form, the museum arose as a separate collection of curiosities from Renaissance aristocrats. The nation-state makes museums the pillars of its cultural identity. Today the museum has become the main means of attracting tourists.

The museum collects, preserves and exhibits objects, images and texts relating to a particular era or region.

On the one hand, there is a desire to present the historical truth about this phenomenon, and on the other hand, the choice of exhibits contains a message that most often turns us to some side of memory and identity.

Along with traditional museums, where paintings, historical or archaeological monuments are exhibited, there are museums of almost everything: a transport museum, a wine museum, a childhood museum, a chocolate museum, a mustard museum.

The event is held on the Saturday closest to May 18, simultaneously in countries that have signed the Council of Europe Convention on Culture.

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