On Father’s Day, the Ukrainian band Antitila released a new composition dedicated to all Ukrainian fathers who gave their lives for the independence of Ukraine

"Antitila" dedicated a song to the fathers who died in the war

Antitila dedicated a song to the fathers who died in the war / Photo: instagram.com/antytila_official

Thousands of Ukrainian men today are defending not only their families, but also their country. And unfortunately, many of them never return home from the battle.

The Antitila group, which previously presented a track about the war with Ed Sheerandedicated a new song “At the Books” to every Ukrainian who defended Ukraine at the cost of his life.

It is symbolic that the musical composition was released on a special day – Father’s Day. Frames from the video clip will touch the depths of the soul of anyone, as well as the fate of all Ukrainian children who have become orphans.

He will learn all the colors, numbers and letters, graduate from school, college. Learns about love and friendship, joy and disappointment. Perhaps he will become a major inventor or a famous comedian, perhaps he will write an important program code, save someone’s life … But he will never know one thing – the voice of his father. War has many meanings… But it cannot justify children’s tears. Never! – wrote the leader of the group Taras Topolya about children who lost their fathers in the war.

Recall that earlier one more track conquered Ukrainian listeners. Jerry Heil and alyona alyona released a song about the issues that torment Ukrainians – “What?”