As soon as we get back to what they’re up to, let’s end it, Zelenskyj said during a video call with the students of the Science Po belt.

According to Zelensky, the Russian invasion could have been prevented if Ukraine had become a member of the North Atlantic Alliance. If Ukraine were a NATO bite before the wolf, there would be no wolf, said the Ukrainian president.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly said that the invasion of neighboring countries is justified by the threat that Ukraine will join NATO.

On Wednesday afternoon, Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maljarov announced that the weapons provided to Ukraine by foreign partners were deployed to the front.

In addition to the Javelin and Stinger tables, the 155-millimeter American howitzer is flying to the front, Maljarov added. We are trying to speed up the provision of assistance, because it is the life of our soldiers.

Zan nov fze wolves, zn from Ukraine

A senior US Department of Defense official told the newspaper that 89 of the 90 howitzers that the United States had promised had come to the fore.

According to Maljarov, deliveries of foreign weapons have settled on routine, despite Russian efforts to destroy transport infrastructure. We got a lot of weapons. But now we are entering the period of regular deliveries of weapons to Ukraine, said Maljarov.

Let us get support from the European Union and other countries. This means that we are entering a new wolf. Russia is in a state where it will not be able to win the wolf on equipment, said Maljarov. No bag comes in, we’ve had a few weeks and a month, she added.

Sl so according to Ukrainian vroby. It takes strategic steps to develop its own production. Its producers are now being slammed by military orders until the end of the year.

In addition, the Ministry of Defense buys protective equipment from abroad, Maljarov said, adding that in the first ten days of May the Ukrainian armed forces received more than 34 thousand bulletproof vests.

Ukrainian guard saw about 500 len

The Ukrainian National Guard said on Wednesday that more than 500 of its men had died since the invasion. The National Guard units fall under the local Ministry of the Interior, and their members have military and police powers.

The existence of the guard was restored in November 2014, at a time when Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula. Since the arrest, the current wolves have been defending the ground. In addition, it ensures the protection of the border with Belarus, from his country in the arrest of the invasion rushed to Ukraine ruth soldiers.

The Unian agency wrote that the National Guard had published its losses for the first time since the invasion. Immediately upon his arrest, the first wars about the Russian troops destroyed the border guards.

The Ukrainian army does not publish the losses and regularly informs only about the sweat of the Russian soldiers. But in mid-April, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that during the wolves with Russia, there were about 2,500 and 3,000 Ukrainian troops, respectively, Moscow said. According to the General, the Russian army has been fighting for 26,350 troops to date.