Reconstruction, or walls or complete, requires time, full and of course pension. As far as finances are concerned, according to Buinka’s annual survey, they often want to dispute their own disputes over reconstruction. 44% of people say so. Aunt Aunt then relies on some type of bank account, or a building society. And those who want to embark on a major reconstruction, then go for a mortgage.

Prices of building materials are rising dramatically along with inflation. In addition, rates on mortgages are also rising for years, and financing is becoming more expensive. If you don’t have your own disputes and have to look for a mortgage and a mortgage due to the reconstruction, it is good to do so with balance.

In the fight against inflation, the NB again raised the basic annual rate from 5.75% to 7%, which is also good for consumer loans and mortgages. If you have a building society, it pays to enter into a contract what annual rate you have in the event of a guarantee from the building society. For old contracts, the rate may be very appropriate.

Nen vr as vr, compare more nabdek

In different needs associated with housing, in different situations, different types are included. A mortgage, such as a secured real estate, is primarily used to finance the purchase or construction of real estate. from the building connection is again suitable for the reconstruction or purchase of residential housing. years from both of these types vr can be deducted from the tax base and can also save, to Radek Perman, the new member of the Board of Directors of Stavebn spoitelny esk spoitelny.

You can also reach for a consumer loan. The coincidence is that in this case you do not have to prove what you spent on your pension, nor do you have to guarantee the property. But keep in mind that the years for consumer prices are you and are likely to rise.

In any case, including mortgages, it pays to reach more banks and get offers from at least two banks. Whenever a bank has its own strategy, it is therefore good to get offers in more banks and then compare specific offers. It is not possible to decide only from the table, Helena Horsk, the main economist of Raiffeisenbank, recommends.

Demand after artisanal decline

In case you do not have the experience to embark on the reconstruction with the help of a decision, whether to decide on the craft or light of the reconstruction of companies on the key. However, the addressee himself should go through a thorough selection, because there are big differences in the quality of crafts.

The first step in the selection is to look on the Internet and get information from them. Inquire about crafts for a specific work or in various Facebook groups. If you can find a company on the Internet, be sure to check the evaluation of previous customers.

It may not be so difficult to get a craft, because the demand for them will fall. Over the last year, demand has fallen the most for floors (47%), carpets (46%) and chests (37%). There is then help with facades (36%), earthworks (34%), masonry work (32%) and roofs (31%).

Unlike the crisis of 20082012, the current situation is affected by a much larger factor. The people today are practically in double cages. On the one hand, the prices of building materials on the market are increasing dramatically, while the percentage of people who meet the conditions for obtaining financing for their projects is decreasing, comments Martin Ekrt, the executive director of the portal, on the situation.

The contract is a mess, agree on when to pay for the work

Arrange a tour with the craftsman and the company to see the condition of the apartment or house. It turns out that in the course of the meeting, the reconstruction can be slightly modified or supplemented a bit. Ask them for a price offer and thermal implementation.

Always ask for a contract for work. You will be sure that the work will be carried out according to the agreement, at a pre-determined price and within the given deadline. Without a contract for a job, you will only be able to file a complaint, and in the event of a problem, it will be difficult to prove that the truth is on your side, Milan Pospil from Stavebn spoitelny esk spoitelny. If the company does not want to enter into the contract, it is at least a suspicion.

To be practical, the contract should include:

  • as and the way castles,
  • term dodn,
  • project documentation,
  • one situation in the period of unfavorable weather, for example in the form of postponed
  • how and since when the company must deliver all documents for approval,
  • defined what is considered to be a suffer and how it will be handled.

Obesity also applies to negotiated payments. You can do it first for a two-year term, but companies that are worth their work often offer it extended. The first extended mark can be a decisive factor in the selection of the company.

You can clearly agree on the method and time of castles for the work done in advance, usually in the contract of work. For the company, it will be possible to pay for the material and transport for the construction without a nron deposit. It is therefore good to release pensions gradually with ongoing work. For all, the payment is divided by the insurance that the company works perfectly. You can keep your payments and take orders for a while.

Beware of undercarriage

If the reconstruction costs a pension, thanks to this investment, you will increase the value of your home. When increasing the value of property, for example after the reconstruction of the house and apartment, it is necessary to update the insurance contract, and thus avoid the risk of undercutting. In recent years, there has been a revision of insurance claims in the city, even though the owner of the property did not reconstruct or buy anything of value, because real estate prices are still rising, recommends Jaroslav Bespert, CEO of the Czech Business Association.

If you have your home insurance, make sure that the contract automatically negotiates the valorisation of the insurance policy. If you do not have this agreement with the insurance company and you have not updated your insurance contract for several years, it pays to fix it. The threat is underestimated, which in the event of an insurance event means that the insurance company may reduce their indemnity.

Of course, the underlying and related shortening does not always occur. Poorly based on the conditions of the insurance contract and a specific assessment of the situation, explains Lucie Ulavsk, an expert on property insurance of the Czech Insurance Association.

According to experts, the origin is supported by reason. The first is when people who do not have enough experience and choose an inappropriate insurance policy out of ignorance. The type is when the change underestimates the price of the property to save on insurance premiums. And the third reason is when you pay the old insurance contract, they would not even be interested in whether the value of insurance flows in the stated answer to reality.