New Year is a holiday that is awaited with special impatience. In order for it to be successful and memorable for a long time, it is necessary to eliminate all factors that can prevent you from feeling real joy. When it comes to being overweight, you need to lose weight. Dietitian Ginzburg is convinced that if you want, you can do it quickly.


The well-known nutritionist Mikhail Ginzburg has created an algorithm of actions for people concerned about being overweight. The doctor’s advice is simple, and therefore accessible to everyone. The expert advises to monitor sleep, get enough sleep, try not to be nervous. In nutrition – no drastic changes.

All that needs to be done at the first stage is to limit the intake of salt and sugar, increase the amount of vegetables and coarse bread. Be sure to include buckwheat, sour-milk products in the diet, replace sunflower oil with olive oil.

“It would be nice to add sea fish, legumes, and, accordingly, remove sausages and limit meat, especially fried ones. This style of eating is called anti-inflammatory. It restores metabolism, restores its metabolic plasticity, ”says the nutritionist in his blog on the Yandex Zen platform.

The first stage will take 3-4 days. Further, the doctor advises three scenarios to choose from. According to the first, the most comfortable, you just need to maintain the skills of a healthy lifestyle, to which the first days were devoted. The metabolism will imperceptibly improve, additional energy will appear, the color and tone of the skin of the face will change. With this mode, two or three extra pounds can disappear in a week.