The famous singer tries to be with her child more often. Especially if it’s a holiday.

Tina Karol / Screenshot

Ukrainian singer Tina Karol touchingly congratulated her only son Benjamin on his birthday. The boy is 14 years old. The star showed a collage of photos in her Telegram channel. The photo shows that Venya is already much taller than her mother. She and her son were also photographed against the backdrop of balloons.

It is known that Karol is now traveling with charity concerts in support of Ukraine in Europe, so she was able to escape to the UK. Her son goes to school there.

Judging by the photo, the relatives went to the cafe and had a great time there. Karol did not disclose what she gave the child that day.

Tina Karol with her son /

What does Tina Karol do during the war

The celebrity regularly represents Ukraine at world-class events, tells the truth about the war crimes of the Russian Federation, and also supports various gatherings.

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Recently, at one of her concerts, the star announced that she was abandoning her Russian-language repertoire, even despite the huge popularity of her old hits.

Recall Tina Karol got indignant voting results for the jury for the national selection. The artist posted screenshots from the “Diya” application in stories and noted that points were added to Yulia Sanina, and they were taken away from her.

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