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Timothée Chalamet visited the Barbie set making a surprise revelation to its director

For a few weeks the renowned doctor has been speaking Timothée Chalamet for an unexpected break with one of the Kardashian members; however, today it has become a trend after the barbie director revealed that the actor is totally disappointed not to have been able to participate in the Mattel doll movie.

Recently, Greta Gerwig revealed in an interview with the media Hollywood First Look that during the long promotional tour that Barbie had in different countries, Timothée Chalamet approached her and the set where they were recording the film in the city of London. The actor and the director have always had a great connection as if they were close friends, and this is because the American actor has already worked under Greta.

On this unexpected visit, Timothée Chalamet told Gerwig that he was I felt bad for not being there and that he regrets not being able to star in the film of Barbie, which would end up being a great success in all the world box offices. “I did my best to bring what will work with me; However, her busy schedule just didn’t allow her to be a part of Barbie. He also came to the set and thought that he should be doing this”, declared Greta Gerwig for First Look.

Perhaps the famous American actor playing the doll Ken It would have been a total marvel, since due to the years of friendship she has had with the renowned director, her role would have been much more naturalgiving a different touch to the film that would be allowed by the director due to the fact that fully trust him.

BARBIE (2023) |  Interview with Greta Gerwig on how she got Mattel & WB

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