Leonardo DiCaprio and timothee Chalamettwo of the world’s most beloved actors, have been seen spending the night together on the streets of Hollywood having a truly joyous evening and making memories together, even doing somewhat risqué things.

The artists, according to witnesses present in the same room, never separated, even a girl testified in TikTok that the boys know they kissed while under the influence of alcohol. This caused great fury among the fans, since both have only had female partners.

Timothée Chalamet, 26, and Leonardo DiCaprio 48-year-old, some time later they were caught driving to the Bird Streets Club in the same city, and Internet users on the Internet have reacted mixed.

And it is that if the rumors of this courtship turn out to be true, many allege that DiCaprio is too old to have a relationship with Chalamet. The couple starred in the film Netflix «Don’t Look Up“, and Chalamet revealed a few months ago that DiCaprio always kept in touch and wrote to him constantly.

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The team of Music world sent a series of questions to the press team of both actors, but we have not received any response confirming or denying the rumors. It only remains to wait for an answer to finally be able to clarify the situation.