The popular American coffee shop chain closed its business in Russia at the beginning of spring. However, coffee in branded cups was gone for a while.

A couple of weeks ago, the media reported that the assets of the American company were bought by the popular rapper Timati. At first, the musician did not comment on this news in any way, however, on the eve he originally admitted that he is now the owner of Starbucks assets.

The rapper posted on his social networks a photo from the world-famous institution, in which he holds a recognizable glass of coffee in his hands. Very soon, instead of American Starbucks, there will be coffee shops of a new brand.

“Now officially, all the assets of the network have been acquired and are under our reverent leadership with Anton Pinsky. I can assure you that no monstrous rebranding is foreseen,” musician promised fans.


Timati noted that he is now looking for a designer who will offer the best logo for his new company. The rapper has launched a massive online competition to find the best deals to renovate former Starbucks outlets.

But there were also skeptics. So, the popular Telegram channel Antigloss wrote:

“We don’t want to upset Timati (although don’t care, of course), but the task of making coffee better than in the departed Starbucks is not so ambitious – firstly, coffee there is always frankly lousy, and secondly, at least in Moscow there is ALREADY a huge amount places that make excellent cappuccino-espresso-latte-flat white and whatever. Less pathos, huh.”

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