Ondřej Bláha is known primarily for his honest opinions on TikTok. He has been condemned many times, mainly for putting women in one bag and then condemning them. That happened this time as well.

He recently posted a video on his tiktok profile with a similar theme. “Students with a bodycount over 15 are like: I’ve been through a lot. No… you’ve been through a lot,” he stands in the video, which also features four of his other friends.

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Reactions were not long in coming. “That’s why a guy over fifteen is a fighter. We already know these advanced opinions,” comments one of the followers. “Nowadays, if someone solves someone’s bodycount, it’s very bad,” another is added.

Ondřej recorded a statement about that video later. “It got quite a lot of hate, which is actually quite cool. When a person has his own opinion and is not a sheep, it just happens here, I accept it,” begins his speech. He then goes on to defend his opinion, why he thinks that fifteen sexual partners are too many for him. He claims, for example, that the unavailability of women is attractive to him. He says he doesn’t deal with the men’s situation simply because he isn’t attracted to men, so he doesn’t really care.

“I understand that I present the videos in a very provocative style and I say enough about the hate comments myself and I respect that,” continues. He also mentions several times that he likes women. He also comments on body shaming. “I don’t understand why girls who have #bodypositivity and #spreadlove written in their bio write small dick energy, that’s bodyshaming,” supplies.

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However, this video is not the first where he expresses himself in an indiscriminate way about women. “You call it hot girl summer… I see it as: I have an excuse to be a brush,” stands in one of his older videos. Because of such views, he often becomes a target of criticism, which he himself admits.

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Hot girl summer is the trend of this summer on social networks. Everyone understands it differently, but it is related to the free time that comes with the summer and it is up to each woman how to seize it.

Ondřej Bláha has over 73 thousand followers and more than 6 million likes on TikTok. He is also starting to be active on Ty Bláho’s other profile, where he focuses on anime and fantasy content. She’s not just an influencer, she’s also a model.