In the spring, members of the popular blogging house Dream Team House, together with their producer Yaroslav Andreev, moved to Kazakhstan.

In a conversation with journalists at the White Nights of St. Petersburg festival, Anya Pokrov spoke about life abroad and listed some obvious advantages of Kazakhstan.

“We have not been in Kazakhstan for so long and will leave here soon. It’s great here. Almaty is some super creative city. Honestly, I expected less from Kazakhstan. I thought I would come and see the “scoop”. But in reality, everything turned out differently. There are a lot of creative guys here – from musicians to photographers. Movement is always good. You walk – you see mountains everywhere, there are no three-hour traffic jams, as in our beloved Moscow. I don’t know how to work, but Almaty is a good city for life,”TikTok star gives her verdict .

As you know, last summer Anya graduated from the institute in Volgograd. In addition to blogging, she can now direct theatrical performances and holidays. Pokrov, however, does not intend to part with social networks in the near future. The blogger admitted that she might be doing something when she grows up and buys herself a house in the province.

Photo: Russian Mediagroup