Three unknown men in masks and balaclavas attacked a Russian lawyer

IN Kaliningrad three unknown persons attacked lawyer Anton Zaritsky. This was reported by Baza in its Telegram-channel.

According to the channel, the incident occurred in the city center. The hooligans were waiting for the lawyer near the house on Tikhonenko Street: they blocked his car, pulled the victim out of it and beat him with bats. The man contacted the police, and they announced a “Siren” signal. More than a hundred law enforcement officers in 35 cars were looking for the attackers. The victim remembered that the defendants were wearing masks and balaclavas. Now Zaritsky is in the hospital: his head, torso and limbs are injured.

It is known that a year ago the lawyer quarreled with his neighbors over a parked car, threw stones at their house, threatened them with a weapon and beat up the owner of the house. So he himself became involved in a case of causing minor bodily harm and hooliganism, but the case was later dropped.

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