Mayonnaise, red wine and winter spins can spoil the skin after new year’s eve. This was reported by a cosmetologist Maria Grishina.

In an interview with Life, she noted that excessive consumption of mayonnaise, found in many salads, provokes an increase in cholesterol, and then testosterone, which causes acne. The expert recommended replacing mayonnaise dishes with healthier foods.

According to the expert, on New Year’s Eve you don’t need to eat too many vegetables from winter spins. After taking pickles, a person will face swelling, bags under the eyes and poor skin condition, the doctor said. In addition, she urged to abandon a large number of sweet dishes.

As Grishina explained, alcohol should not be abused on New Year’s Eve, in particular red wine.

Otherwise, alcohol will lead to the formation of wrinkles and rosacea, the cosmetologist concluded.

Formerly doctor Tatyana Terekhova said that on New Year’s Eve you can get poisoned with salads with mayonnaise, mushrooms and sandwiches.