The competition received 7,000 options for the name of the new organization.

Photo: beinmotion.rf

On Sunday, December 18, the results of voting on the choice of the name of the Russian movement of children and youth will be summed up. The competition, in which all interested schoolchildren and students could participate, received 7,000 options. Of these, they made the Top 10.

Voting was carried out using a chatbot on the VKontakte social network and collected more than 115,000 opinions. During the competition of co-authors, 7 thousand options for the name of the movement were proposed, many of which found support among a large number of survey participants. The most popular variants of the name were ten:

  • “Russian Movement of Children and Youth” – 17.51%;
  • “Pioneers” – 17.23%;
  • “Movement named after Yu.A. Gagarin” -17.14%;
  • “New generation” -16.88%;
  • “Big change” -16.82%;
  • “Youth” -5.01%;
  • “The Future of Russia” -4.26%;
  • “Patriots” -2.61%;
  • “Young Russia” – 1.48%;
  • “Movement of Schoolchildren and Youth” – 1.06%.

The final choice of the name will be made on December 18 by the delegates of the first congress of the Russian Movement of Children and Youth, whose motto is “The World of Childhood = The World of the Future”. Earlier, the Uchitelskaya Gazeta online publication reported that the law on the Russian movement of children and youth was signed in the middle of summer this year. Schoolchildren starting from elementary grades, as well as students of colleges and universities up to 18 years old, can join the new organization. Adults can also become participants in the movement, but already as mentors.

Board of the Russian Movement of Children and Youth headed Deputy Head of the Ministry of Education and Science Grigory Gurov. Registration of participants in the new All-Russian Movement of Children and Youth will lead FSIS “My school”.