Three died, dozens are in serious condition in hospital. Residents of Astrakhan poisoned themselves en masse with methadone

IN Astrakhan Mass drug poisoning occurred. Regional Ministry of Health reportedthat 19 victims were taken to hospital, six of them are in serious condition.

In law enforcement clarifiedthat Astrakhan residents used methadone. Examinations are currently being carried out. People may have believed that they were taking mephedrone, so they did not calculate the dosage.

According to Telegram- Shot channel, three people died, a 29-year-old man and two 19-year-old girls. More than 20 victims were hospitalized in serious condition.

Information about three deaths as a result of methadone poisoning was confirmed by a source TASS in law enforcement agencies.

The suspects in the sale of narcotic drugs were detained; they turned out to be foreign citizens, reported at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. A criminal case has been initiated under the article “Sales of narcotic drugs.”

The first patients with methadone in their blood were admitted to the hospital on November 18

The first patients with methadone in their blood began to arrive at Astrakhan City Hospital No. 3 on November 18 at about 14:00. How reports Shot, in two days 20 people were hospitalized in the toxicology department, later this number increased up to 25.

The patients have a significant range in age and occupation; the youngest victim is 19 years old, the oldest is 40. It also became known that a 40-year-old shift worker fell in a coma after drug poisoning.

According to the channel, all methadone reached Astrakhan residents through the same supplier, prohibited substances were distributed in the city through bookmarks, and the drug shop operated in one of the instant messengers.

The Ministry of Health of the Astrakhan region reported 19 victims of poisoning

Ministry of Health of the Astrakhan Region reportedthat in the period from November 17 to November 20, 19 patients with signs of poisoning by narcotic and psychotropic drugs were admitted to the city clinical hospital No. 3.

During treatment, the condition of most of the victims improved, two were discharged in satisfactory condition.

To date, 17 patients with drug poisoning are being treated at City Clinical Hospital No. 3. Of these, 6 people are in serious condition, 11 patients are of moderate severity in the general ward

Ministry of Health of the Astrakhan Region

However, the department did not report any deaths as a result of poisoning.

Three suspects in illegal drug sales were detained

Three suspects in illegal drug sales were detained, these are citizens Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan And Tajikistan, told official representative Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Irina Volk.

Men possibly involved in the mass poisoning in Astrakhan were detained in Stavropol region during operational search activities.

Accomplices in illegal activities are identified, as well as other consumers of life-threatening prohibited substances. Measures are being taken to completely remove drugs from illicit trafficking

Irina Volk

official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Currently, all the necessary examinations have been ordered, and the circumstances of the incident are being clarified. A criminal case has been initiated under Part 3 of Article 228.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, on the illegal sale of narcotic drugs by a group of persons by prior conspiracy, the investigation is under the control of the prosecutor of the Astrakhan region, Sergei Forost.

How clarifies Shot, three suspects escaped on a bus from Astrakhan to Stavropol on the same day that the first victims were admitted to the hospital, November 18. Almost immediately upon arrival, they were detained by local police, and Astrakhan operatives went after them.

Two suspects confessed to the crime

Two of the three detained foreigners suspected of selling drugs that poisoned 20 people in Astrakhan, admitted in committing a crime.

One of them said that he came to Russia from Kyrgyzstan, lived in Moscow and worked at a construction site. Then he went to the Stavropol region, where he received prohibited substances, after which he went to Astrakhan to stash the goods. The detainee explained his action by the need for money.

Another man said that he came to Astrakhan with drugs. He admitted that he sold all the prohibited substances in his possession.

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