Three CIS countries gathered to help Europe save the planet

Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan And Uzbekistan gathered to help Europe save the planet from global warming. Three CIS countries agreed to create a joint venture to export green energy to countries European Union (EU), reports press service of the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan.

We are talking primarily about the supply of hydrogen and “green” ammonia obtained using renewable energy sources, as well as the creation of related infrastructure. They plan to transport planet-safe fuel through the territory of Azerbaijan.

“The participants also agreed to explore the prospect of creating a joint venture to implement the project,” the statement said.

Previously, researchers at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Change Research (PIK) found out, that to completely phase out fossil fuels by 2040, Europe will need about two trillion euros ($2.1 trillion). This amount should go towards creating a renewable energy sector. According to experts, European countries will need to invest 140 billion euros ($147 billion) in it annually until 2030 and one hundred billion per year ($105 billion per year) in the next decade.

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