January 8, 2023, 02:49 – Public News Service – OSN

According to the Times of Israel newspaper, Tel Aviv Opponents of the new Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu staged a protest.

The reason for the protests was a new plan for legal reform. Thus, in accordance with the reform, the Supreme Court will be more limited in its powers. In addition, the government will be able to control the selection of judges.

The following information is given: “Thousands of people took to the streets on Saturday night to protest in Tel Aviv against the new government, after Justice Minister Yariv Levin earlier this week unveiled plans to reorganize the Israeli judiciary.”

Earlier it became known that the construction of a concrete wall with a length of 4.6 kilometers is planned on the border of Israel and the Gaza Strip.

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The main purpose of the so-called “security corridor” is to ensure the safe movement of citizens during emergencies without the risk of becoming a victim of attacks by representatives of Palestinian groups.

The objective of the project is to protect cars from anti-tank missiles. Attacks by Palestinian militants occur at almost every escalation, so similar walls have already been built in the north of the Gaza Strip. More about it read in material Public news service.