At the party, Karlos Vmola (37) promised that after the wedding night, his Lela Ceterov (33) would be married again. It’s too small, just like a fake dinner, to be just a theater for wedding parties. According to their close friend, he had a baby under his heart for two months.

Vtz Octagon Karlos Vmola rd fits into the role of the superior man, who goes where the child goes. Therefore, at the wedding reception, he announced in front of many guests that there would be night from day Lela Ceterov opt thotn. And their son is not even a year old.

It just has to be different again, actually another show for guests, because Vmola mrd is always megalomaniac, puffed up and with strong emotions, the information is flowing from those around him that Ceterov may be pregnant twice.

Lela should be in the second moon of thotenstv. Because of this, this fictitious wedding was to seal the mouths of people who needed their proof of love, he wrote to Expresa about their acquaintance, who was supposed to be there for the first, official wedding, which took place a year and a half ago in the family circle.

The bride was not allowed to touch the alcohol for the whole evening, while the bridegroom drank it down his throat as it flowed. But for such secrecy? First, he informed the public about what was happening at home on social media. There was not only great love, but also painful separations and the births of their two children.