The members of the group of kpop, btsthey would have to provide their mandatory military service, part of the demands of the presidency of Korea towards all the male inhabitants of the region, but apparently only one member of these would not be totally obligated.

The company BIGHIT MUSICin charge of the artists has given some reports about one of the members who could not go to serve in the military.

Jin He is one of the members who would begin their enlistment today, and as the months go by, the entire group is expected to make their presentation to be able to meet soon as a group, but apparently the plans have changed.

According to reports from BIGHIT MUSIC, suga You would be designated for public service, as part of a change in your military service due to your medical condition.

Because of a surgery you had, you may suga be excluded from his military obligation, but will have to provide some public services in exchange.

In the agency statement it was reported that: “Suga also felt that it was important for him to regain his good health to prepare for his mandatory military service, as well as his post-service music career. After extensive discussion with the company, he made the decision to undergo the surgical procedure.«.

Although nothing has been fully confirmed, the artist’s health is expected to be a priority in the process.