It has been possible to know what would be the fortune that the Colombian singer would pay Shakira, for his new mansion in North American lands.

Shakira throughout this year has had a change in her life due to all the problems that surround her about the separation with the former soccer player Gerard Piquéafter the singer has caught him infidelity with one of his workers Clara ChiaDue to this, the singer has made some decisions as part of her well-being and her health, since lately she and her children were being harassed by the media, in search of answers and secret information about everything that happened between the ex-partner.

The singer in this month of April has made the decision to move together with her two children to Miami leaving Barcelona and all her problems behind, around finding a quiet life for herself and her two children while also continuing to dedicate herself to music.

According to international media, Shakira has a mansion of approximately 16 million dollars located in North Bay Road which is an exclusive area of ​​the city of Miami, but apparently the Colombian would not be satisfied with this, so she would be having meetings and appointments with real estate agents in search of a new mansion.

These media have stated that the singer Shakira could acquire a new, more spacious mansion of up to 50 million dollars, to be able to live together with his two children and their parents in the city of Miami, for which he has been touring different areas of the southeast florida trying to find a suitable mansion.

His followers have considered that it is a slightly exaggerated whim, but later they approve his decision because this money is a part of what he has collected with his attacks on his ex-partner Gerard Piqué, with the songs he released against him.