The new one miss Universe will premiere Crownhere all the details.

At the end of October, the world of beauty pageants underwent a huge change, after the news that the Thai businesswoman Anne Jakrajutatip was crowned as the new owner of Miss Universe.

The value to buy the contest was 20 million dollars, with which a new stage is expected in the most important beauty contest in the world and also that it will regain its popularity.

The new owner of Miss Universe said:

We seek not only to continue the legacy of giving a platform for passionate people with different backgrounds and experiences, cultures or traditions, but also to evolve the brand for the new generations.

Among the changes that are coming for the contest is that of the crown, it was the same owner, Anne Jakrajutatip, who gave all the details of the accessory that thousands of young people would like to have.

In the conference held after the «Miss Universe Extravaganza Event«, where there were four former Miss Universe and Harnaaz Sandhuthe current queen. Anne commented that the new crown will have blue diamonds and that it will also cost quite a lot, since it will be made by the Mouawad jewelry and it is speculated that the cost will be around 5 million dollars.

The next Miss Universe contest will take place on January 14, 2023 in its 71st edition and the venue that will receive the candidates is in New Orleans, Louisiana.