He prince harry and the prince william have spoken about the tragic loss of their mother, the princess Diana, In an interview. In the conversation, Harry mentions that he and William were playing with their cousins ​​in Balmoral when they got a call from the princess Diana from Paris, where he was interrupting his trip to return to London and accompany his children at the start of classes.

He prince william described that call as “desperate” and “stamped in the mind very strongly.” For Harry, looking back at that moment is “incredibly difficult»and something that he will have to deal with for the rest of his life, since they assure that they were in a hurry to hang up and were looking for a way to say goodbye, something they are sorry for because that was the last time they heard their mother’s voice.

Since their mother’s death, both princes have worked to carry on her legacy and have been open about how the loss affected them. They have followed suit in activism and have spoken out on important issues such as mental health and sport.

Lady Di She has been remembered as a champion of the most important causes, including the fight against AIDS and support for refugees, and her death in a car accident in 1997 shocked the world. Her sons, princes Harry and William, they have carried on his legacy through their actions and their dedication to justice and equality.

In conclusion, this interview is a testament to the tragic loss of Lady Di and how his children have dealt with grief and worked to continue his legacy. It’s a reminder of the importance of talking openly about mental health and the importance of supporting important causes.