It is known who would be the person who made him known to Shakira that your partner, Gerard Piqué, he was cheating on him with a woman younger than him.

Apparently the person is one of the first to know about the case, and is very close to the two, so he did not hesitate to alert the singer about what was happening. The couple who ended their relationship in the middle of the year 2022did not end on good terms, because Shakira he was very «hurt» with the betrayal of the father of his children.

Although neither of them revealed what the infidelity really was like, it was a surprise to Shakiraor if the subject would have been discussed, the truth is that some statements have come to light as the artist allegedly realized.

One of them is that the Colombian discovered it because of a jam that would be in the fridge and that no one consumed, but that it was spent suddenly, which caused her to have doubts.

But now a new piece of news is gaining strength and apparently she did not find out, but rather someone would have informed her. with this news Shakira It reveals the great education that he has strived to give his children, trying to instill in them that injustices and lies should not be silenced.

Your son Milan, who has made his father look bad on multiple occasions with his sincerity, is the first suspect to tell his mother the truth. Since he, apparently he doesn’t like when lies are told and less if it’s about who gave him life.