The alleged romance that exists between V of bts and Jenny of BLACKPINK, It has served to create a whole movement on social networks that are on the lookout for new evidence or details of their relationship. But now, through a video, we have been able to discover the precise moment in which both Idols met for the first time.

The success and fame that BTS and BLACKPINK have achieved throughout the world, They have served as a basis for each of its members to enjoy a great impact on networks and the Internet.

In the case of taehyung and Jennie, how they have been linked in romance rumors, the attention they have captured from the public is much stronger. Both artists They have not confirmed their romance, but the evidence that has been shown is compelling.

There are various photos that have been leaked of both idols spending time together. But now, a video where the two met for the first time has gone viral.

V met Jenny for the first time in 2013, this occurred during the final part of an award ceremony, where the singer appeared to sing with TOP, but at that time, she had not yet planned to debut on the scene kpop with BLACKPINK.

In the video, the idol can be seen turning to look at her before going down on stage. The moment has generated many comments among the army and the BLINK, who hope that later they can formalize their alleged romance.