After months of speculation, it seems that one of the biggest mysteries in the relationship between Shakira, Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia.

The relationship between Shakira and Clara Chía Martí, Gerard Piqué’s current girlfriend, has been the subject of discussion among the media and the singer’s followers for a long time, however, according to a report by the media “Brand”, It seems that the rapprochement between the two women has already happened and was very undramatic.

According to the journalist Roberto Antolin, Shakira and Clara Chia They met at the offices of Kosmos, the company of the former Spanish soccer player, since the 23-year-old girl worked there. Despite the fact that they met several times, there was never any confrontation between them. According to Antolín, the interpreter of “Monotonía” never suspected that Clara Chía would be the one with whom Gerard would betray her.

The media report states that the first meetings between the two women were cordial, and that Clara Chía behaved in a polite and reserved manner, while Shakira, for her part, described her as a “dead mosquito”, a nickname that referred to his calm and quiet demeanor.

However, as mentioned by Antolín, at that time “Clara did not represent a threat to the singer, since she was not particularly striking”.

This information for the moment are just rumors, since none of those involved in this issue have yet come out to deny or affirm this news.