In a recent interview, the talented rapper and composer J-Hope from BTS was asked about various topics of general interest, where the artist revealed that he had a misunderstanding with the famous artist and recent Grammy winner, lizzo.

Jhope He was a spectator at one of Harry Styles’ concerts and it was there that he met lizzoand it is that the artist confessed in the interview that he asked for the telephone number of lizzowhich according to J-Hope, I do not hesitate to give it to him, after this, to confirm that everything was fine and correct, he decided to call the number that the American singer gave him, to later realize that the call did not fall correctly, thinking that it was he had mishandled it on purpose.

But after this, the member of the famous South Korean group realized that something was wrong with the telephone number that he had previously written down, and it was the international code of the country of the United States, which he had not put together with the number. phone, after having corrected it, the call came in, and he tells us that today he talks with Lizzo almost daily, and who talk about many things about their music.

Here you can see the interview MMTG with the South Korean interpreter of BTS subtitled in Spanish: