It has been revealed how it was for Jin of bts having to be completely bald, as an obligation to provide compulsory military service.

The singer Jinwhich made its official presentation on December 13, 2022along with his colleagues who were with him until his departure, was very emotional in what was his haircut process.

The artist posted a photo with his new look, and showed army that he was happy and that his cut: «It’s cuter than I thought«.

However, in the video captured by the creative director of HYBE, Kim Sunghyun, the singer did not look happy.

The artist waited for his haircut nonchalantly and a little pensively, but the director encouraged him hoping that he can go and come back well, and of course healthy.

army He couldn’t help but be moved by the scene and immediately reposted the video with messages like: “He is so handsome«, «I’m crying when I see this«, «Wow he even looks good with that short hair«, «Looks great anyway, best wishes Jin«, «Her face is so perfect even more so now that she cut her hair«.

and although army could not be there for the artist’s farewell, from different social networks they wished the best to the member of btshoping to see you soon.