There have been many negative comments regarding the high sum of money that the K-Pop group should pay JBJ95 to a music and entertainment company, considering how large an amount they had to pay and inquiring how they were going to pay it.

Remember that the group JBJ95made up of singers Kim Sang-kyun Y Takada Kenta they would have filed a lawsuit against the company in april 2021for compliance with contracts and in order to cancel your exclusivity contract due to negligence.

K-netizens are furious over the exorbitant sum of money JBJ95 must pay to a company, find out why

In this lawsuit, the duet would have been favored, however, the legal professionals decided that the singers they must pay the company Star Road Entertainment alleged breach of contract by JBJ95something that has his fans and K-netizens off the hook, and it is not for less, because the reality is different.

It was announced through the court that each of the members of the group had to pay a large sum of money, being responsible for paying 70% of the total cost of the fees and the company the other 30%.

The performers of the album entitled HOME they would pay in total about 600,000 thousand dollars distributed among Kim Sang-kyun with an amount of 152,000 dollars and Takada Kenta with 460,335 million dollars, given that in the evidence that was exposed to the judge, he himself considered that it was not enough to support what was demanded.

Internet users are expected to be scared and unsure whether the interpreters will be able to cancel the high fees imposed considering their young age, and considering that there were false scenarios that made the company Star Road Entertainment would be favoured.

Negative comments went viral on networks, such as: ¨ How are they going to be able to pay all that money?¨This is very unfortunate for the boys¨, ¨This is crazy¨, ¨How absurd, where did some children get so much money? ¨among others, flatly rejecting the court in charge of the case and of course the entertainment company.