the wife of King Charles III, Camilla Parker Bowles, you will have to postpone and cancel some of your plans, this is assured by the Buckingham Palacesince recently the queen consort has been positively diagnosed with COVID-19.

And it is that on the morning of this Monday, February 13, the couple of the current King of England has been seen with stationary symptoms, which would later have been diagnosed as coronavirusfor this reason the royals have forbidden Camilla to leave her royal room, and stay there for at least 48 hours, to rest and rest in the early stages of this virus.

Like all members of the royal family of the United Kingdom, Camilla Parker Bowles had numerous activities to do and events to attend, such as the Elmhurst Ballet School 100th Anniversarywhere he would meet with several former students and professors of this prestigious academy.

This is what the British information media say, which are constantly aware of what happens in the residence of the monarchy English, where it is reported that the queen consort would have been suffering strong symptoms of a flu and various pains in her extremities, which Buckingham Palace itself would later recognize as the COVID-19 virus.