The current controversial princess of Wales, Kate Middleton She is known as one of the most beautiful European royalty, and it is that time over the years has been good for her and this is due to the expensive and structured diet that she consumes on a daily basis.

The beauty It’s something that usually stops mattering over the years, but not for such an important figure in the most important monarchy on the European continent, such as the British royal family, the wife of the prince william she has struggled with a lot of effort and dedication to maintain a remarkable silhouette and a beautiful face.

Along with her family, Kate has followed strict exercises and a healthy dietfrom Monday to Friday, and it is that one of the princess’s favorite foods is the fresh salad where she combines fruits and vegetables, prepared with watermelon, avocado, lime, cucumber and a touch of cheese.

And it is that recently the chef Alex Kitchen Storyhas published the recipe in a video on his account Tik Tok, where she is shown preparing the salad with some personal touches to her liking. The recipe that already many people in the United Kingdom and the world have started cooking thanks to the influence of royalty.