The British crown is looking for a highly organized computer team to carry out the task of organizing the records and files of the Queen isabel II. The monarch, who ruled the British crown for seven decades, passed away five months ago, leaving the only way to remember her reign and her decisions through the documentation she left behind her.

It is a complex and important job that requires professionals trained in information work. The royal family hopes that those selected will be able to maintain the archives efficiently and smoothly so that the memory of the Queen isabel II completely intact and above all, well organized.

The head of this unit is expected to earn around 38,600 euros per year, while the two document catalogers of the team in charge of storing and organizing the materials belonging to Elizabeth II and the archive of the Royal Family in general will receive 2,450 euros per month.

The task of ordering the records and files of the Queen isabel II It is not an easy task, since it deals with documentation that spans seven decades, however, it is essential that it be carried out efficiently in order to maintain the legacy of one of the most beloved monarchs of all time.

Those interested in joining the team must have experience in the field of information and be highly organized. The term to enter the crown staff in charge of the aforementioned work will end in May 2026.